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Closing for Business, Effective Sunday, June 27, 2021
As the world is, thankfully, beginning to feel normal again, we have made the difficult decision to close our virtual doors. Our priority has always been to create convenience, provide more options, and deliver an awesome experience. We are incredibly grateful for the orders and support that all of you have thrown our way and can't say thank you enough!
But... You didn't think we'd leave you hungry did you??
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Now, Good News....
Trolley Eats will now be available for businesses wanting to open an in-office corporate cafe!
It's your own restaurant in your office!
The Cafe is available through Trolley House Refreshments, Corporate Cafe Service. Please contact sales@trolleyhouseva.com or call 804-355-1550. Tell them you're interested in the Trolley Eats Corporate Cafe.
Learn more about corporate cafes here